2 Month Update

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since our last update, and for that we can only apologise! Life has been extremely busy for us recently however we always manage to find the time to squeeze in some golf!

We have been playing for 2 months now, and even though in ourselves we don’t feel as if much has changed, we have photographed and video’d each session since the first, and the difference is actually quite amazing!

Not only has our posture, technique and accuracy improved, but so has our confidence and the attitude that we have towards our swing. If you believe you’re going to hit the ball with your best swing, you’re much more likely to actually have a great shot and that has been a big part of our improvement!

We’ve had a few lessons now, and it’s amazing how much a simple change can make a huge difference to your swing. Recently we have been focusing on putting our weight on the front leg and turning into the swing more and it’s given us amazing results!

With the winter setting in quick and the clocks set to change in a few weeks we are trying to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf out on the course and then we will be hitting the driving range after work more when the dark nights are here! If anyone has any tips on what we should focus on over the winter please let us know! The one tip we did learn ourselves the hard way is do not go straight after work as tailored dresses and ankle boots are not the easiest to play in!

We are hoping in the new year to try and get our office involved in some games and see if we can set up a golf club or league, so really need to work on our game and be the best we can for when we start playing with some more experienced golfers! We’ve absolutely loved playing with friends and trying to teach them what we’ve learned and can’t wait to play with friends we can learn even more from!

We can’t get enough of this wonderful sport and we can’t wait to see how we improve and see if we can start playing more games and in local competitions in the near future!

As ever if you have any recommendations or tips please do let us know! We post regularly over on our instagram page instagram.com/golfladiesofthenorth and we’d love to see you over there!

Love Amy and Kate x

N1 Golf – Our First Full Round of Golf

F6D8E92F-0F20-4759-BF7A-AB5D2FE211D4This bank holiday weekend we decided to challenge ourselves, we have been going to the driving range after work for a couple of weeks now, could we take everything that we had learnt onto an actual golf course? How hard could it be? As it turns out, actually, very.

We wanted to make sure that we started out at a beginner course, and didn’t go anywhere where we would hold people up. We usually go to the driving range at the Parklands in Gosforth, however with their 8 minute tee times we definitely would have got in the way.

Instead we decided to head up to Morpeth and try out the N1 golf course. You don’t need to book a tee time, you don’t need official golf shoes and they use the course simultaneously for foot golf, so it seemed like the sort of place we would feel comfortable taking our time!

IMG_4999We wanted to make sure that we had a few practice shots, so we headed to the driving range first, and we are so glad we did, we think it might be our new favourite driving range! It was lovely and quiet, really airy and open and the cafe sells cake that you can take out with you, what more could you need?! Happy with our shots, we headed out onto the course!

When we first arrived on the course it was silent, perfect. However after we had finished messing around with our stuff and started taking shots we realised, 1. if you leave your tees at home it’s significantly harder to tee off in the longer grass and 2. it’s actually a lot harder than standing in your bay at the driving range! No sooner had we both hit our balls straight into the long grass, than people started arriving to start their round after us.

We were starting to get frustrated and asked the people behind us if they wanted to go in front, but they said they were in no rush, and expected to be even worse than us! The pressure must have helped us as we managed to finish the hole and move on to the second. Luckily the group behind us were just as good as us and it gave us a bit of breathing space.

We started to get into the swing of it, and even though quite a few of our shots still landed in the long grass, we were getting closer and closer and our shots were getting longer and more accurate. Though it’s safe to say, our putting could still use some work!


We left the course feeling exhausted but also with a sense of accomplishment. We had finished our first full round of golf together. The course only had 9 holes, and each hole had a par of 3, but we had done it!

We learned a few things at this course:
1 – Playing actual golf is nothing like hitting at the driving range
2 – Having bright pink golf balls is the best thing for standing out in the long grass
3 – Judging where to hit the ball is much harder when it’s over a hill
4 – If you putt too hard your ball will fly straight over a hill and be extremely hard to chip back over
5 – Golf is frustrating but amazing, and we are now more addicted than ever.

We can’t wait to get some more practice in and head back to this beautiful course to try and improve on our score!

Starting our golf lessons!


Our first lesson was all about grip and setting up for the shot.

The first thing that our instructor noticed was that we were instinctively holding our clubs like hockey sticks, not ideal for getting a decent shot! He showed us a few different techniques and we both tried them out to see what worked best for us. It’s safe to say some really didn’t work and trying to hit the ball with your fingers linked together whilst keeping a tight grip for the first time is no easy feat!

Eventually we found a grip that suited us and then it was all about stance. Bending your knees is important in having good control however the only way I was used to doing it was from our weightlifting classes and a gym squat is not the same at all! We learnt to keep our left arm straight, our torsos tilted forward and to swing the club in an L shape. There was a lot to remember so we focused mainly on this and it still took a few practice visits to get used to it!

Once we had our grip and set up sorted it was time to move on to our second lesson!

A few practice shots out of the way and we were set to learn more about the perfect swing! This lesson was all about aim and perfecting our stance.

Learning to move mainly the upper half of the body turning from the shoulders and not trying to hit the ball as hard as you can is tough! It’s all about the technique…… I hear haha

We used the lines on the irons to line up to our targets, lining up feet together parallel to the aim line then stepping our left foot out two ball widths and our right to reach a shoulder width distance. It’s amazing how such a small difference in your set up can make a huge difference in your swing.

We are starting to get better at keeping our legs mostly still, reducing the bounce, keeping our eyes fixed on the ball whilst twisting our back to the target and then swinging round in a calm and controlled manner to face the target. My ‘wild knee’ seemed to be in order and didn’t have a mind of its own like it normally does.

We are definitely feeling more confident and now we have our shiny pink golf balls we ready for the next lesson on using the driver, bring on lesson number three!

– Ladies with the pink balls